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Features that will be seen in this patch
Brand New "Original RO" Gameplay on Blockchain
  • Revived the pace of the gameplay to experience the original version
  • Secret PK zones and areas that you can eliminate your enemies
  • Special events like “Squid game” to compete for rankings and earn rewards
  • Non-stop events for all kinds of players
The Grand Battle for Guild Masters
  • Weekly Guild battles for the best of the best to conquer and own castles!
  • Every castle is different and unique!
  • Each castle provide different perks, along with citizen perks as well!
NFTs, Tokens, and NFT Marketplace
  • Convert all in-game items into NFTs to sell on our marketplace or use it to get bigger rewards! Play more to earn more!
  • Unlimited ways to “Play-to-earn” with our gameplay and game assets
  • Earn Oridecon tokens and Elunium tokens from in-game mining to trade freely as tokens
More PK Areas
Newbies are protected until Lv 70
More PK Areas
VIP and Cash Shop
Becoming the best player
VIP and Cash Shop
Non-stop Events
Always interesting activities
Non-stop Events
Unique Item Options
Options randomized every upgrade
Unique Item Options
Ranking System
Climb to the top and earn rewards
Ranking System
Protected with GePard
Sophisticated Anti-cheat System
Protected with GePard
Manage YourBlockchain Items
You can convert items from the game to NFTs
Buy or sell ZERO, ELU, or ORI. The tokens can be converted into in-game Zeny, Elunium, and Oridecon in-game
Provide liquidity for ZERO to earn ZCASH, which can be turned into Cash Points in-game
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